Intimidating a witness or victim

Skip faces charges of retaliation against a witness or victim, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and intimidating a witness or victim.Randy faces charges of second-degree assault, intimidating a witness, harassment, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and possession of between one and eight ounces of marijuana.Tempers are running high and parties are looking for opportunities to get revenge against you.Victim and witness family members will be looking for a reason to call police and accuse you of something. Where the act is accompanied by force or violence or attempted force or violence upon the witness, or the spouse, child, stepchild, foster child, parent, sibling, or grandchild of the witness, or any person sharing a common domicile with the witness. 940.45, whoever knowingly and maliciously prevents or dissuades, or who attempts to so prevent or dissuade, another person who has been the victim of any crime or who is acting on behalf of the victim from doing any of the following is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor: A jury instruction for a violation of s. 940.44 as the jury may have exercised its right to return a not guilty verdict irrespective of evidence on the underlying charge. So, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and call the experienced attorneys at the O'Malley Law Office, P. TV shows and movies are chock full of hard-boiled detectives who put the squeeze on a local informant to get information.

18-8-704, can occur unintentionally in Jefferson, Arapahoe and Douglas County.Consider this: A particularly scary mugger would not be charged with intimidating a witness merely for making the victim apprehensive of reporting the crime; the mugger would need to have the intent to dissuade his victim from reporting the crime.If you feel you have been intimidated or otherwise coerced into not reporting or testifying to a crime, you may consider reporting a crime anonymously or seeking protection from the police.These statements could be construed as harassment, which, when directed toward a witness or victim, amounts to a felony."By the use of a threat, act of harassment, act of harm, act of injury, to any person or property, directed to any witness or victim or someone close to them, the accused attempts or actually does 1) influence the witness or victim to testify falsely or unlawfully withhold testimony, 2) induce them to avoid a summons requiring them to testify, 3) induce them to absent themselves from the legal proceeding, or 4) inflict harm or injury to them prior to their testimony."Did you know that it is Harassment, C. If the obscenity is directed toward a witness or victim's family member, you can be charged with a class 4 felony Intimidating or Intimidation of a Witness or Victim in Adams, Denver, Broomfield and Boulder County.The DA will argue that you made the obscene comments with the intent to influence the recipient to "unlawfully withhold testimony".

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