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Many of these customs are still followed by the more traditional families and in the provinces.The modern Iranians normally by pass some stages like sending the ring through relatives and outside Iran tabagh and khoncheh are hardly used. Mirror and candelabras are amongst the most important ceremonial objects that are taken to the brides home and they are reminiscence of the Zoroastrian religious believes.Alexander and his men married a number of Iranian women, mainly from the royalty and aristocracy. After the ceremony both the bride and groom ate from a loaf of bread, halved by sword and drank more wine.In one account it is mentioned that the marriage ceremonies were in Persian fashion; chairs were set for the bridegrooms in order of precedence. Then the brides entered and sat by their grooms, including Alexander. Then they took their wives into their private quarters and retired.Men dressed up in festive costumes would carry the presents in elaborately decorated large flat containers on their heads.The container is called tabagh and the whole thing with the presents is called khoncheh.The engagement ring is sent to the brides house with female relatives of the groom.A few days before the actual ceremony again more presents are taken to the brides house.

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The higher the status and social standing of the bride, the more lavish will be the banquets and the presents, especially the jewelry.

Mass communal weddings sponsored and paid by the government have become increasingly popular.

In February 2001, fourteen thousand couples married all across Iran in this manner.

In the ancient times, the musicians playing at marriage gatherings used drums to announce the marriage to the people of the town or village.

The group that gathered for the marriage was called the assembly for the queenly bride.

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