Is dating roommate bad

You might find yourself asking, will they be clean and organized?

Are they going to loudly hook up with someone every night? While some roommate situations can spark amazing friendships, other scenarios can be total nightmares.

Gloria is very fond of her roommate and does not worry as often since she always has a friend by her side.

“I could call her and she would bring me what I needed,” Gloria says of Linda, “I like knowing she’s around.

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Here, 17 people reveal some truly horrible tales that will make you consider living alone pretty much immediately. "My roommate stayed at school the week between spring and summer classes while I went home.

When I returned, I found a mysterious phone charger in my room.

After all, life is truly worth living when you’ve got someone to live it with!

We cooperate with each other.” Together, these women cook and eat meals, work on the bills, do the laundry, and even watch their favorite television shows.

Clearly, these roommates have it figured out: shared responsibility means less stress for all.

Not thinking much of it, I put it out in the living room for its owner.

Later, I told my roommate that I found a phone charger and asked if it was hers.

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