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” he dramatically pauses for 15 seconds before replying: “I’m not prepared to answer that question, not now.And I tell you the reason why – because my interview with you is candid and honest, and I will not make up or fabricate anything.” A most extraordinary reply, considering Murray had also told Liz Hayes he was a great friend to Jackson and they were close.Not to be deterred, Liz Hayes presses on: “As a friend, someone that was his closest friend, I would have expected you to say “absolutely not”.” “Well, sometimes expectations are not always satisfied,” Murray continues.“One thing I will tell you is this: I may have formed an impression of an individual based upon certain things I have seen or encountered.” Ms Hayes was not going to be put off, after all, this is someone who knows Jackson very well and she doesn’t want this question left hanging.In any case, Mario Nitrini met Aphrodite and has this to say: ” … We have shown that Aphrodite can speak out of both sides of her mouth, and she displayed that brilliantly in an interview with Jordan King on November 5th. In that huddle of overly enthusiastic Jackson fandom, anything, absolutely anything which casts even a sliver of doubt upon Jackson’s motives with children is met with howls of outrage and shuddering feelings of anger.

Even though we know that Jackson entertained different boys for at least 850 or more nights, owned books featuring photos of naked young boys, and paid a lot of money to boys who accused him of molestation, once we take into account the Halo Effect, it is easy for some to have residual doubts about whether Jackson is guilty or not.Those who believe Jackson to be innocent would have expected someone close to Jackson to immediately give an emphatic denial to that question as so many (but not all) have in the past.We can glean an answer from Murray’s replies though.“The reason I’m pressing you is because by saying what you’re saying, you are deliberately muddying the waters here, because that’s what you’re doing – you’re leaving it unclear about your thoughts.Is that fair to Michael Jackson or do you have something that you know?

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