Jerry and elaine dating rules

You're one of those losers in Las Vegas who keeps thinking he's gonna come up with a way to win at blackjack. We've designed at set of rules that we can maintain the friendship by advancing all of the relationship pitfalls. George: (To himself) So you're havin' the sex, next day you don't have to call. Opening Monologue: I've been watching women in the department stores. They're trying on clothes, and I've noticed that they do it differently from men. Move the shoes, move the shoes, move the shoes, move the shoes. Women don't try on the clothes, they get behind the clothes, you see? Put some shoes by the bottom of the pants, I wanna make sure. % While Jerry and Elaine are sitting on Jerry's couch watching the tube, Elaine is flipping through the channels constantly. They take a dress off the rack, and they hold it up against themself. They stick one leg way out 'cause they nedd to know, if some day I'm one-legged, and at a fourty-five degree angle, what am I gonna wear? You never see a guy take a suit off the rack, put his head in the neck, and go, "What do you think about this suit? Jerry: So she's flipping around the TV, and she gets to the naked station. If I had that in my house, I would never turn it off. Eventually, firemen would have to break through the door, they'd find me sitting there in my pajamas with drool coming down my face.

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Jerry: Well, we've tried to arrange a situation where we'll be able to do this once in a while and still be friends. Could he go on land, or was he just restricted to water? George: You ask me to have lunch, tell me you slept with Elaine, and then say you're not in the mood for details. (Runs into bookshelf) % Jerry's apartment the next day. Jerry: No, I think I saw him on land a couple times.

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