Joe pesci dating

Pesci and Fiore Films reached an undisclosed agreement in 2013; the Gambino film still hasn't been filmed, with or without Pesci.

Pesci was married to model-actress Claudia Haro from 1988 to 1992, with whom he had a daughter.

Tommy De Vito is based on Tommy De Simone, aka "Two-Gun Tommy" or "Tommy D." Most news reports, including one of mine, are based on and the press reports surrounding the million dollar Lufthansa heist at John F. The problem is, the Gotti crew had nothing to do with the death of De Simone. Tommy's uncle, Frank De Simone, was the Los Angeles crime family mob boss starting in 1956.

Robert De Niro’s character "Jimmy the Gent" Conway gets the news in a phone booth which he pummels in a fit of rage. Kennedy International Airport on December 11, 1978 pulled in over million in cash alone.

Scorsese got his dope from Henry Hill, who ratted out his friends to the feds and told all in a best-selling book called . It was the biggest cash robbery in United States history.

Around 2011, he was set for a major supporting role in a film about the Gambino crime family with John Travolta attached to star as John Gotti, and Pesci set to portray Gotti's friend and personal "enforcer," Angelo Ruggiero.

Ruggiero was a big guy, so Pesci dutifully gained 30 pounds for the role.

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