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A lot of - you know, one of the new mythologies and one of the storylines to the series is actually Mike's past.He was in war, but there's also a - he doesn't remember a few years of his life while he was in war.We're a huge car society, so people like to tune in for cars.We try to remember that when we're writing the episodes.So she's been trained to fight but, you know, winds up getting in trouble and has to be saved a couple times. There's, you know, real driving and then there's - because the car is transforming, we need to do that CG.

And then last question to any of you, I just wanted to know how do you feel - you know, what kind of - you know, the veteran actors - film actors like Val Kilmer and Bruce Davidson, bring to the show - what level of authenticity and what's it like to work with them?There are things that come up from his past throughout the series, people that necessarily want to kill him or, you know, his loved ones.And that really, you know, that affects the missions.Today, how much of a science fiction creation do you think the car is or is it even this close to reality? For Justin, the movie touched on Michael's background and that he was previously in the war.How has that shaped him into the guy he is today and what have you enjoyed about the way they have flushed that history out this season?

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