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With roughly half the wedding party taking advantage of the opportunity to look their best, hair and makeup fees were quite high. The wedding was lavish in a variety of ways, but it was the rare flowers that were most costly.

The sacred, and very, very rare flower, tuberose, was used almost everywhere.

The announcement of their wedding threw everyone into a tizzy, as various media outlets breathlessly discussed what Kim Kardashian was going to wear and who Kanye West was going to invite… The hoopla surrounding the lavish wedding was almost as over-the-top as the wedding itself.

And let's face it, when the princess of reality television marries the prince of controversial behavior/rap music, over-the-top ridiculous is the only thing their wedding can be.

This required moving everyone from one airport to another in a pair of private jets.

Additionally, everyone who flew in to Florence, was picked up by private cars or limousines.

Kanye and Kim's Expense #4: 4,000Housing friends in Florence.

The whole outing cost so much money that no one is really talking about how much it cost. Kanye and Kim's Expense #7: 4,000Getting glam for the wedding.Kanye and Kim's Expense #3: 0,000 Transportation between France and Italy.The wedding party gathered in Paris pre-wedding, but the actual event took place in Florence.Kanye and Kim's Expense #10: 9,000 The wedding venue. The wedding was held at the top of the fort overlooking Florence.Renting the fort cost 9,000, but special lighting, security, and additional construction easily added another couple hundred thousand to the bill.

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