theft, drugs, violence and so on do seem to feature Pattaya ladyboys far more often than girls and that’s despite the much larger number of girls operating in the nightlife scene.I don't blame foreign visitors for the secrecy in which they go about meeting Pattaya ladyboys; even in the most liberal minded countries of the West there is still a great deal of prejudice against transsexuals.They don’t see themselves as being gay men and they are not interested in having sexual relations with gay men, they are interested in regular heterosexual men.Since I’m on the topic, they are also not to be confused with transvestites i.e.far from the prying eyes of nosy onlookers, your best option is to use an online dating site.Happily for you, there are plenty of opportunities open to you.The term ‘Katoey’ is also common, and acceptable, in Thailand.At one time I had thought that a katoey was a ‘pre-operation’ ladyboy but no, it means the same thing and can be used interchangeably with ‘ladyboy’. men that identify with being female, they tend not to be sexually interested in other ladyboys.

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