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except when a married woman takes that of her husband's surname, and then on to her children.

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There is no official list of clan septs, and the decision of what septs a clan has is left up to the clan itself.The second concept was the wider acceptance of the granting of charters by the Crown and other powerful land owners to the chiefs, chieftains and lairds which defined the estate settled by their clan.This was known as their oighreachd and gave a different emphasis to the clan chief's authority in that it gave the authority to the chiefs and leading gentry as landed proprietors, who owned the land in their own right, rather than just as trustees for the clan.The clan is considered to be the chief's heritable estate and the chief's Seal of Arms is the seal of the clan as a "noble corporation".Under Scots law, the chief is recognised as the head of the clan and serves as the lawful representative of the clan community.

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