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For eight days during the Gettysburg Campaign, Stuart—with the three best brigades of his cavalry division—had been completely out of touch with Lee’s headquarters while “passing around” the Army of the Potomac.

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The subject of his address was the Army of Northern Virginia’s greatest victory, the Battle of Chancellorsville.

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Worse, after the war, he had the temerity to question the sainted Lee’s battle plans. Beverly Robertson behind to support Lee’s operations (screening, scouting, etc.) It is worth noting that Longstreet had originally suggested Stuart leave Wade Hampton behind, but Stuart was not willing to go into what could be heavy fighting without his best brigade.

For many veteran officers, the finger of blame already pointed at Longstreet even without the formality of censure. Basically, Stuart had taken the vague orders Lee had issued him and exercised his discretion, something Lee always encouraged—but this time it backfired.

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