Leehom dating

“Just like it is very hard to remain friends after a break-up, to give my blessing to the person I have loved for 15 years is heartbreaking,” another one lamented.

My Chinese male friends often ask me why Asian males aren’t a popular choice among the ladies, and I honestly think its due to the media.

After graduating from Williams College, Wang went on to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Known for his boyish good looks and mastery of a variety of instruments – he plays violin, piano, drums, guitar and the Chinese erhu) – Wang has sold millions of records since releasing his first solo album in 1995.

He has also won four of Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards, a Grammy-equivalent.

Indeed, the very fact that he’s been without an obvious girlfriend since he shot to fame sparked a good deal of speculation about his private life. (In 2008 Wang said he had a lot of gay friends, but pointedly told the Yangtze Evening News, “I am not gay”.) On weibo netizens gave their views on Wang’s nuptials, with some struggling to come to terms with the news.

“I am weeping but I still send you my best wishes,” one netizen despaired.

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