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Throughout the first 53 years or activities, each lodge conducted their cultural program plans and other activities independently from the other lodges.It was not until 1987, that any effort was made for some form of consolidation of the 17 lodges to provide more and better services for the preservation of the Pennsylvania culture and dialect.

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Now permit us, momentarily, to forget the discussion about the groundhog and move forward 92 years beyond 1841. The United States is in the midst of a devastating depression.

Each listing includes the centers’ most recent license, inspection summary, and (if applicable) a plan of correction.

If you’d like to view previous inspection summaries, please contact us.

Probably its most crowning achievements have been its assistance in developing the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center on the Kutztown University Campus, and providing assistance to the university's administration in establishing an accredited Pennsylvania German Dialect course to its curricular offerings.

Those several Pennsylvania German gentlemen, who had gathered on March 13, 1933 to protect, preserve and perpetuate their besieged ethnic heritage, must be looking down from their eternal resting place chuckling with satisfaction and thanking those of us who are still carrying forth the torch for their concerns.

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