Lgnite updating

If there are pending changes when one of these operations executes and the data Dirty event is not handled properly, an exception is thrown notifying you that you must handle the data Dirty event.

The data Dirty event must be cancelled by returning false in order to avoid the exception.

When adding a row programmatically, a primary key value is not required.

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The ig Grid™ control Updating feature includes three different interactions: updating, adding new rows, and deleting rows. The Updating feature can be turned on either for an individual cell (Cell Edit Mode) or an entire row (Row Edit Mode).This can later be processed on the server and replaced with a valid primary key as required by your persistence medium.Binding to client-side events by specifying the event name as an option during initialization. In order to cancel an ‘ing’ event, its respective event handler must return false.Note: The grid’s Updating feature is implemented as a j Query UI widget and therefore follows the standard lifecycle typical for a j Query UI widget.When you initialize a new row on the grid for a data source that includes a primary key, the generate Primary Key Value event of ig Grid Updating feature is raised to provide a primary key value to the new row.

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