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Specify the Layout Template, Item Template, Edit Item Template, Insert Item Template that displays the List View similar to the previous section. To make the implementation simple, i have made it as inline query and it is a good practise to have it as SP's.

Thus, we have learnt how to provide edit/update/delete and insert feature for List View Control.

We can also handle these edit, update, delete and insert events in Item Command of List View control.

Since, List View is capable of displaying the data in user defined formats these features will be very useful to do these operations in those layouts itself. If you have anything like that on a site you control I'd fix it ASAP before you get hacked. I 've just made my own listview, everyting seems to work. New Edit Index;" in the lv Mine_itemediting method.

This enables you to perform a custom routine whenever this event occurs, such as adding content to an item.

The method is called by the List View control to raise the Item Created event.

This is in working condition including pagination if you have any problem let me know.

This is all about operations on SQL tables using Stored Procedures, so I will explain step-by-step how to insert, select, edit and delete operations with a List View control.

In debug mode I see that text1 and text2 in Item Updating event contain the same values as they had before calling Item Updating. Drag a Sql Data Source control from the data tab of Visual Studio 2008.Configure it with the Database Server; I have used a database in App_Data folder.Before the List View control can be rendered, a List View Item object must be created for each item in the control.The Item Created event is raised when each item in the List View control is created.

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