Liu yi fei dating

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The show is hosted by the Jasper Cho, a Canadian-born model and actor, and Crystal Kim, the second runner-up in the 2011 Miss Korea competition.

Liu Yifei, born as An Feng and widely known as Crystal Liu, is a Chinese model, actress and singer.

She is famous for being one of the most beautiful actresses in China. Also known as the ‘Fairy Sister’, Yifei has acted in series ‘The Story of a Noble Family’, ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’, ‘Chinese Paladin’ and ‘The Return of the Condor Heroes’.

I seriously don't judge but I know 11 years might be quite substantial for some people.

Yet lo and behold, there is another such example in Yang Mi (born 1986) and Hawick Lau (born 1974).

According to Dispatch, a Chinese media outlet reported the two stars are currently in a relationship.

The next day, Song Seung Hun met with Liu Yifei's parents.

They're close enough for Liu Yi Fei's mother and mother's family to come over.

Song Seung Heon admits through the press that he has just started dating Crystal Liu Yifei.

They were not dating while filming "The Third Way" but kept in regular contact after the film and gradually became close.

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