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She’s a passive aggressive bitch and I’m stressed to the max. She thought I’d be going with her (but not the new hubs) Ugh. Those 2 weeks were all about her and quite frankly stressful/not fun at all.

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She’s being a jerk to you and using a manipulation tactic called triangulation to get others to be a jerk to you – you expend energy trying to convince them, they talk to her, she talks to them, she gets more material to mess with you. You took your sister at her word that she’d pay you back, you did what you could to make her visit pleasant (despite her rude and entitled behavior), and you’ve only asked for what she promised you.

Whatever energy you are spending on chasing her for the funds, redirect most of it into that, whether it’s picking up a part-time job or seriously reworking your budget.

b) Send one more email to your sister, cc: your parents. You said that you’d pay us back if we covered the following expenses during your trip.

She’s one year older than me but we always hung around together and went to the same college ect.

Long story short, she’s always been a high achiever but also immature and VERY emotional/needy.

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