Loli video chat

:369670If I could request one thing of you or whoever did these, it would be to put the damn separate images in a pixiv post gallery instead of making us wait the way-too-long animation delay on these slow gifs.

Loli video chat-61Loli video chat-23Loli video chat-44

This one has a much smoother speed transition as well.69158I ain't no expert or nothing.

Depending on the level of interest I might actually bring on some other people to do voice work and help with the plot and expand the project, maybe even start a patreon for it and help raise money to hire more people to help or get some volunteers to help test the game.

Anyway though, I was just hoping to see what the reaction from 8chan would be.

I've already created one of those clothing degradation set for Red.69256I agree - there is a small amount of unnecessary/unnatural movement for Umbreon for the doggystyle animation, and I also need to alter the girl's facial expressions for the missionary animation for when the speed increases.

I will do that stuff when I get around to it, but I have other higher priority stuff to work on before I go back and do touchups on stuff.

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