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After about six months or so during a meditation session I found my body moving spontaneously either back and forth or in a small circle.Some times it would be very subtle and other times quit animated. Today after a completing a fairly intense or successful meditation session, a little over an hour, my body felt extremely cold.As a background, I’m an Electrical Engineer with a very analytical and open mind trained to solve complex problems; also I’m a Christian. You may think that these two are not compatible but, for sure, they are.

Reply Hello Melanie, First of all, let me say “Thank you”. English is not my first language but I’ll try to do my best.It’s like a perfect description of my life but I’m not really sure what to do now. I got chills and the hairs on my arms were standing straight up. there is a bathroom in our office building, an old victorian, which she can no longer go in because the sensations are too strong and it makes her woozy, so i have been going in there for her ( we use it as a storage room)told me last year that when i shudder around her, it’s when there is someone talking to her.Reply I have experienced the spiritual chill within the last 2 years. As I walk into her living room where she passed away she lets me know she is there. when i came out of the bathroom i had a huge shudder – not just goosebumps. Reply I came across this by accident while reading another of your posts. I have been praying for signs and guidance over something in particular.I can ask and the chills get intense when I get to the correct answer in my head. I havent really paid attn until about 3 years ago when i got baptized but it usually happens when im questioning things.Someone frquently calls my name and I have learned to pay attention when they do. I see things in movies that give me chills like recently, I was watching a movie and they were talking about being in touch with Gods creatures the animals and i got a chill up the middle of my back and a high pitch ringing in my ears.

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