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and we arr not accept as greeks nothing more nothing less....

the names of Alexander the great -Phillipos father of Alexander, Olympiada mother of Alexander, Aristoteles teacher of Alexander proves the historical truth....

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This is the first Albanian page to provide different servers to connect to, or you could use them all simultaneously.

Around Aristotelous Square are some of the most important and beautiful buildings of the city like the Olympion, where is carried out the Thessaloniki Film Festival and the twin buildings of the Hotel Electra Palace while the 12 buildings surrounding the square are labeled as preservable.The people carrying Greek flags and they going to the big gathering (500.000 people) in White tower to protest to our foolish poilitians who they want to "neggotiate" ( bussiness and money is the real issue here) the name of Macedonia with the neighboor slavish nation (albanians and slavish people) which their real name is vardaska or skopje......Macedonia was is and will always be Greek and it belongs to the greek nation from ancient times....Built in one of the most impressive squares in Greece, the Aristotelous Square, in front of the endless sea of Thermaikos Gulf, the architecture, imposing and simultaneously prestigious, makes Electra Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki, one of the city's most precious jewels.In very close proximity from the shopping center, the International Exhibition and Congress Centre, the most important monuments, museums and attractions this hotel is an excellent choice of accomodation.

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