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I have been experimenting with the development of a therapy bot in collaboration with computer scientist and three-time Loebner Prize winner Dr. The Loebner Prize in Artificial Intelligence is an award for the most human-like computer.

Reversing roles, the bot serving as a patient with a condition, the trainee must ferret out the current diagnosis and come up with a management plan, implement one, and they can do all of this risk free.What I mean by this is a computer that has access to information on the scale of the Internet, in contrast to a human who, scratching his head, can’t quite recall what he just read last week in one of his medical journals.At 3 AM -- the bot will be as fresh then as we might be only after strong morning coffee at about 10.Instead the cyber doctor sits in a leather chair on a cloud--the kind of office you will never have to scramble to get to on time.You’ll never be charged a no show or late cancellation fee. WHAT MUST GO INTO THE CHATBOT TO MAKE IT AS REAL-SEEMING AS POSSIBLENever can we dismiss whatever that magic is, the space between two people having a deep connection, two flesh and blood people having a conversation, the space where real healing takes place, a kind of mystery between two people in close relationship working together on deeply personal problems and situations.

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