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I fucked her harder and shoved deeper, trying to shove myself into her as deep and as hard as possible. The sexual friction was making the hair on my arms and legs stand out.

The orgasm that was buried deep within my body was struggling to the surface as I humped Sue’s beautiful body.

You see I sneak over to the Bradley’s master bathroom every few mornings and strip naked to wait for Sue, Bob’s wife to come to me.

It all started one 4th of July when my wife and I attended one of their barbeques.

Waiting in my neighbor’s bathroom for over an hour at a time is stressful, even if I wasn’t worried about the Bradley’s teenage daughter walking in on me.For the hundredth time I wondered what Bob would do if he knew what I’d just done?But I didn’t have long to think about that because Sue wanted me to satisfy her now.I know it would be a disaster for both of us, but I wanted in the worst way to show someone else what we were doing, how I was filling Sue with my hot sticky cum.Then the waves of pleasure were lessening and suddenly I could hear again and Sue’s breath was coming in gasps as she too came down off the exquisite peak we’d shared for an eternal moment.

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