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Wells attempted to defend herself by stating that another nun had been romping with boys in the cloister forcing Wells to put her in the stocks.

However, the three other nuns had released her, burning the stocks after they had done so and jumping out of a window.

The skeletons were found in a burial ground surrounding the site of the priory which is now being used for the construction of a new hotel.

They also broke their rule by eating meat every day in the refectory.Atwater later visited the priory himself and discovered that Wells had not ceased her errant behavior.Not only had she put one of the nuns in the stocks but she had also assaulted another by kicking her and punching her in the head.They had run off to friends nearby where they had remained for around three weeks.The records of the priory cease after 1518 but according to Page’s history Cardinal Wolsey recommended that the priory be dissolved.

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