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He cunningly and without the consent of Anbariya Islamic Institute changed the institute’s vocational center for boys and girls into the above named University and registered it at the registry of companies as Anbariya Technical University College.Not wishing to have the name “Anbariya” associated with the University, you changed the name of the University from Anbariya University College to Technical University College of Tamale”, the statement said, adding that, Dr.These the statement said resulted in a bitter litigation between Technical University College and Ghana Association for Advancement of Muslim Youth Education (owners of Dungu Technical Institute).The statement which was copied to the Vice Chancellor, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), the Minister of Education, the Northern Regional Minister, the Managing Director, Islamic Development Bank in Saudi Arabia, Mr.Endorsed by Executive Committee (Anbariya Sunni Community) « Back Eliasu Alhassan the letter was well written but as an old student of anabariya and someone who has help in diverse ways to get accreditation for the university, I prefer dialoque with Dr.Abubbakari instead of sending the issue to sit with him and talk he may reason with us. Abubakari and talk so that the problem can be resolved.I have a presentation subsequent week, and I’m on the search for such information.ugg boots womens nike shox r4 I differ with most people here; I found this blog post I couldn’t stop until I finished, even though it wasn’t just what I had been searching for, was still a nice read though.

Anbariya couldn't have gone looking for somebody to help in this field knowing that their own Dr. Abdul Somed May Allah shower hs blessings n mercy upon d late Afa Ejura who hv toiled so much to cement this gre8t institution to this level, if not 4r the sake of death he shd hv been a living wtness to ds issue, may Allah 4rgv us our sins, Amen ishmael I agree with Iliasu to some extent. Although the action of Dr in my opinion is not the best, but I also think that he is an indispensable asset to the entire Muslim ummah that we can not afford to loose.

Ibrahim Mahama as well as the Principal and Executive Members of the Technical University College of Tamale.

The statement assured “stakeholders that, Anbariya Islamic Institute, who are the actual owners of Technical University College of Tamale, have the human resource capacity to run the University College.

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