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Choose photos that make people laugh but also intrigue them enough to want to learn more about you.

Siva Stephens has been a writer since she could hold a pencil.

I will never know anyway 🙂 Travel, surprises, music, dancing, sports, books, last minute plans, open mind, photography, museum, craziness, spontaneity, going out (but also staying in), sharing, simplicity, respect, flip flops (yes, the sandals), down to earth (however fantasy is also very important), people, casual, word, news, work, sense of humor about yourself, awareness.

And yet another short list of things that I’m not really fond of: – Cars (can’t tell why I put this one first…) – Self-centered people (but, hey…

Wear a pair of oversized sunglasses or “draw” a moustache on your picture with a photo-editing program.

Again, change your photo frequently to keep things fresh.

A prospective match on an online dating website may scroll through hundreds of profiles looking for one that catches the eye, so you want your profile to be a standout. Creating an attention-grabbing entry on a matchmaking site requires the same tools as any successful advertising campaign: You want to draw attention and curiosity so a could-be match will want to read more.Have you ever heard anybody saying “yes, yes, I am definitely self-centered.” So this one doesn’t really count!!) – TV (even if I like one or two shows and some movies) – Superficial people (but same problem as #2…) In addition, if you happen to pronounce the following sentences regularly, we’re definitely increasing the chance of a good match here: “Ok let’s give it a try” “To be honest, I don’t know” “I respect that” “J’adore les escargots” ok this one doesn’t really count either…She has written newspaper articles, medical manuals, advertising copy and gags for cartoonists.Stephens has been publishing online since 2004, most recently as a contributing author for the Oregon Encyclopedia Project.

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