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Put the Exchange 2003 server in a new AD either site with a couple of GCs, or create a two-way trust between the Exchange 5.5 domain and all domains in the AD site.You could also see article ME319206 to force a GC (not recommend).Check the disk space remaining of the drive volumes where the exchange logs and/or Mailbox stores are located.

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There are currently no plans to update previous versions of our products to support new update-check method, so if you wish to stop the error from appearing, please upgrade to the latest version of your software.

From CA technical Hotline I've got an email with some missing DLL's attached.

Copying these into the ITM directory and rebooting the server fixed the problem. - Error: 0x8004011d - See ME266312, ME282964, ME821889, ME822579, and ME896703.

The server network card had 100 full duplex and the switch port 100 half duplex.

The switch port was changed to 100 full duplex and Autonegotiate disabled and all is workking fine after without any reboot.

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