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It seems to be an abstract story involving nameable characters, simulation gameplay, and adult content.

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Thanks (: Heh, I first thought of multiplayer in a more traditional way (MMO) and wondered how it could be implemented into a VN) But since you mentioned The Yawhg I think I understand what you meant.

I say this as a person who enjoyed pen-and-paper RPGs between the '90s and the early 2000s. I'm also really into local multiplayer as well as online multiplayer.

Traditionally, one person is the gamemaster who presents players with a fictional world. I was thinking it would be interesting to do one of those...facebook/social games but with a visual novel focus.

I hope this is not an issue (: We asked something and it triggered a discussion I want to explore further Here's the original question: So...

we're working on a project that is a local multiplayer visual novel/dating sim. Our site is Buuuuut this also started a discussion about viability and specifics of a local multiplayer visual novel.

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