Mutual camera chat site

You can also use Telegram's web version or install one of our desktop apps for Windows, OSX, and Linux.

Our API is open for developers, should you want to build your own applications for other platforms. Pavel supports Telegram financially and ideologically while Nikolai's input is technological.

If Telegram runs out, we will introduce non-essential paid options to support the infrastructure and finance developer salaries.

But making profits will never be an end-goal for Telegram.

Public groups can be joined by anyone and are powerful platforms for discussions and collecting feedback.

In case you're more into pictures, Telegram has animated gif search, a state of the art photo editor, and an open sticker platform (find some cool stickers here or here).

As a result, Telegram is like SMS and email combined — and can take care of all your personal or business messaging needs.

In addition to this, we support end-to-end encrypted voice calls.

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You can appoint admins with advanced tools to help these communities prosper in peace.

With Telegram, you can send messages, photos, videos and files of any type (doc, zip, mp3, etc), as well as create groups for up to 100,000 people or channels for broadcasting to unlimited audiences.

You can write to your phone contacts and find people by their usernames.

Adding these superficial tools enables companies to calm down the public and change nothing in how they are turning over private data to marketers and other third parties.

At Telegram we think that the two most important components of Internet privacy should be instead: This is what everybody should care about, and these are some of our top priorities.

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