My boyfriend still checks his online dating profile

You know for me, I can look at only the photo of someone I'm interested in or want to be nosy for a month, for a year without boring.I don't need to see what going on with them, but just the photo, just the sign online or offline. But, you also have to remember figg, sometimes, you have to get her to fall in love with you again, Sometimes, you have to settle for less, you have to get her curious, Which is why i said take awhile to respond instead of ignoring it, make it seem like your very busy and that you are doing great without her, In a women mind, You not responding could mean that you are over her and moved on.I know she is not dating anyone or at least nothing serious enough to delete her account as the whole 2 years we were together she did not delete it she just hid it from view, then after we break she reactivates it starts to use it and now deletes it, that is weird.Either she deleted it to make it look like in my eyes she has found someone which is highly unlikely or she has not let me go and feels now she is not ready to date.Without a second though, she clicked on it, and there this former flame was: the woman her boyfriend had dated for two years; the woman his family was still a big fan of; the woman he claimed did him oh so dirty.There she was, in countless photos, cheesing it up.If you find out that your partner has looked up his ex, letting them know how you feel is best, and all you can do is trust that they will stop if it makes you uncomfortable.But if their actions go further than a quick peek and you find out that things have become inappropriate, or even that they’ve continued to look up their ex after you made your feelings known, that’s not okay.

But what does it really mean to you when your partner goes about looking up their ex?

But honestly, lots of people stay “connected” through social media with people they used to date. But I was “friends” with two of my former boyfriend way before I met my current boyfriend.

Our interactions are very limited, and when they post pictures that end up in my feed, I smile at the progress they’ve made, the pics of them with the parent I used to get along well with, and even the new cute girlfriends in their lives. Okay, I won’t lie: I might giggle a little bit if they look rounder than they used to…

Still, I have no interest in reconnecting with them, even to talk.

And if my boyfriend had a problem with this, I would be happy to unfollow them because what we have is important to me.

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