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I’m enjoying it, and we’re gonna do as many gigs as we can.” Liam is hitting the road at the same time Noel is touring with High Flying Birds – a band Liam has dismissed as “Beady lite”, in a reference to his former band Beady Eye.Although Liam wasn’t clear on how much his tickets would cost, he was quick to rip into his older sibling Noel for charging around 0 [£250] for an “enhanced experience” ticket package to his shows.I told them the kind of thing I was looking to do, then they played me the riff from ‘Wall of Glass’. it all really clicked and there was no time for me to ponder over things.“When you spend a lot of time on stuff you can overthink it, get over-analytical.But then I met him in Ibiza and we had a chat, then I met him at GQ awards this year and we had a chat, then I seen him on that TV show [wasn’t the most comfortable experience though, he admits. He wasn’t asking me stupid questions, I just can’t handle that soap-y side of it.He also tweeted an apology for being “a sketchy little f***er” and admitted he wasn’t one for “chit chat”. I think I come across too manic, I prefer to just come on and sing my song,” he says. “That’s why it was good with Noel, cos he f***ing loves that kind of thing.

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F*** off.” Yet despite all the rumours, all the “sources claim” articles and Liam’s own admissions about wanting it to happen, an Oasis reunion isn’t on the cards.

“F***ing hell, what, for the f***ing enhanced experience?

Sounds like a f***ing massage parlour, you know what I mean?

In the moments he spends talking about Noel during the interview, it sounds very much like he misses his big brother. He’s got an album coming out – I’m sure it’s gonna be great,” he says.

“Noel’s a good songwriter and I’ve said a million times before, I’m not really having a pop at him, I’m just letting him know I’m here.

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