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In this document, configuration items are presented using dotted notation, and are suitable for use as Java property names, which your application consumes through explicit setting in the Maven plugin configuration, or through the command line when executing your application.

Even hough setting properties using the Maven plugin is not recommended, it is useful for temporarily changing a configuration item for a single launch of your application.

Note that this blocks only while waiting for locking a connection, and will never throw an exception if creating a new connection takes an inordinately long time Speciefies class name extending org.spi.listener.

Connection Listener that provides a possible to listen for connection activation and passivation in order to perform actions before the connection is returned to the application or returned to the pool.

Wild Fly Swarm is a framework based on the popular Wild Fly Java application server to enable the creation of small, standalone microservice-based applications.

Wild Fly Swarm is capable of producing so-called file that includes everything you need to execute your application.

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Changing this value can be done only on disabled datasource, requires a server restart otherwise.You can customize an environment-specific setting or experiment with configuration items before committing them to YAML.YAML is the preferred method for long-term configuration of your application.Migrating existing legacy applications to benefit from Wild Fly Swarm is simple when using fraction auto-detection.If you enable the Wild Fly Swarm Maven plugin in your application, Wild Fly Swarm detects which APIs you use, and includes the appropriate fractions at build time.

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