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(I saw early fall decorations at cvs and I hated it as much as I love Halloween) But what's wrong with wanting my student loans forgiven! I'm making a concerted effort to become a more positive person because I've failed at that for most of life. I'm leaving for a medical service trip in the next few days and I'd really like to brush up on my Spanish with someone. Thanks for reading me Like my title describes it pretty well I am looking for something serious. Things haven’t been easy when it comes to dating in real life.But there's too much good shit in the world, like my dog and cat, the NBA, music, and bourbon (on the nights I can choose it.) In my free time, I like to write, game, make songs, and make jokes. Mostly grammatical issues, maybe tenses, but for the most part I already possess a conversational skill level (took a few years of Spanish in high school). I am Caribbean and I feel like many men here don’t want to commit or settle down (just talking about my own experience, not every man is like that of course).I love to travel, to go to the movies, eat at some good restaurants.I love to read and new things everyday (always looking for new certifications to get). If you find yourself in everything I wrote, send me a message (a description of yourself and an imgur link if you can).

I have a thing for men in North America, Great Britain or Australia (I think it’s because the culture is so different from mine and very interesting).

I am open to sending pictures of myself, Face Timing and Skyping. My post just got deleted from /r/needafriend for specifying gender lmao So I'm counting down to my first alone bday. I have a previous post in which my updates are the same (420, whiskay, and Netflix) for a good time and the request is not gender specific but I think the (hopefully dad bod/beard) dude ratio is in my favor. Maybe we’ve been staring at the same stars hoping for something. -let’s swap photos and maybe we’ll both find the face we have been looking for- I know you’re out there. If any of this caught your attention then send me a DM and I’ll reply in the am. I’ve known I’ve been interested in women for a long time, but I’ve never really been with one.

But if you’re a little shy and don’t feel feel like Skyping or anything that’s fine! Also: because it's not in the typical friend subreddit, some people care that I'm thicc/chubby/fat/whatever and Latina looking for locals in norcal. Part of that is due to my insecurity of how inexperienced I am.

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