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In the beginning each had set out from their home world to become interplanetary travelers, but became stuck between planets on a pre colony space station used for logistic staging where they met.

Each had used what precious money they had, bought tickets for the great unknown not realizing that taking the shuttle as far as it would take you, wasn’t far enough. Soon after, they needed jobs to make enough to leave and then that turned into enough for a place to live.

Veddy looked so intense, Geldron had to snicker seeing him looking so mean in his little sailor suit. He looked like an eight year old boy and, like now, they used it to their advantage.

“It’s the medication,” he called out clapping his hand over Veddy’s mouth to prevent a barrage of insults.

It’s hard on everyone, but you can’t let it get to you.” “I just want out of here and this,” he said pointing to the Public Vid Term uplink, “Is the only way.” “I don’t know if I can do it Veddy.” “You have to! When he brought the brochure home for the first time Veddy faked interest in it and eventually threw it out.

Later he explained it was too good to be true, but Geldron insisted anything would be better than where they were.

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” “I’m sorry it turned out this way, but this isn’t helping,” said Geldron trying to look pathetic.Of course Veedy was always interested in something shady, but Geldron persevered, convincing him those struggling on a new world would need relaxation more so than anyone else. We’re the proud owners of a beach resort on a planet that has no water! He felt the guilt every day and was sure Veddy knew it.The colony business data base listed the beach resort and they would own a monopoly. “You saw the brochure; it wasn’t supposed to be like this.” “Yeah, but you’re the one that brought the damned thing home in the first place.Geldron was always surprised by the child sized man’s strength. Ask me to shoot our way out, or rob the credit exchange he thought, anything but this.Pleading he said, “I’m no good at this stuff Veddy.

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