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This context also explains why Freemasonry is characterized by secrecy, in contrast with the Knights Templar principles of exercising public official authority for visible preservation and open popularization of esoteric knowledge as the collective heritage of humanity.

The fraternity of Freemasonry emphasizes the metaphorical Temple of Solomon conceptually, and concentrates on the symbolic aspects of its physical construction by highly advanced stone work in ancient times.

The geographical area of the NT – NL Synod includes Northern Louisiana including Shreveport; Northern Texas generally north of a line from Marshall, Longview, Tyler, Rosebud, Bartlett (Temple area), Killeen, San Angelo, Midland/Odessa; and also Durant, Oklahoma, and Clovis, New Mexico.

Pray with us daily for Christ’s redeeming love and grace to be at the heart of our witness and for each of our Worshipping Communities and for all the ways we are In Mission Together.

However, this is confirmed by substantial physical evidence, literally set in stone: Rosslyn Chapel contains the tomb of William Sinclair, with a gravestone bearing the prominent inscription: “William De St Clair – Knight Templar” [18].

This neutral description objectively reflects the following facts: (1) The chivalric Order of the Temple of Solomon of the Middle Ages never merged into the later fraternity of Freemasonry of the Renaissance; (2) Freemasonry does not claim to be an Order of Chivalry, as it does not possess the to grant official Knighthood in nobility; (3) Freemasons do not receive chivalric Knighthood nor such peerage title by achieving any Masonic “Templar” Degree; and (4) Knights and Dames of the Templar Order do not become members of any Masonic fraternity by receiving chivalric Knighthood.

Notwithstanding this clear separation of two distinct traditions, with different practices, Freemasonry and the Templar Order do share one significant moment of an intersecting point on the timeline of history, which created some shared affinities for ancient knowledge: In the 15 century, surviving Templars taught stonemasons some Gothic building techniques and sacred geometry, which inspired the esoteric foundations of Freemasonry.

This is based upon teachings from surviving Templars during a period of 50 years (from ca. In contrast, the chivalric Templar Order focuses on the total body of knowledge gained from its extensive archaeological excavation of the actual historic site of the Biblical Temple of Solomon [4] [5] [6] [7], during a period of nine years (1118-1127 AD) [8] [9] [10].

That exploration of the Temple of Solomon also recovered a library of sacred scrolls [11] placed there by the Essenes from Egypt [12] who had direct access to the Temple [13], which was the real Templar “treasure” of ancient knowledge [14] [15] [16].

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