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“I trust her in the sense that she’s very well-grounded,” she said.

Hernandez’s daughter Madelyn is one of the 80 percent of teens online using social networking sites.

Another 39 percent of parents have friended their children, which is “associated with an increased likelihood of parent-child conflict over social media.” Perhaps this is the reason that 36 percent of teens surveyed by Common Sense Media said they wished they could go back to a time before Facebook.

“Facebook is kind of the Walmart of sites,” Marwick said.

This blogging site, half of whose traffic is composed of users under age 25, can be used to post Justin Bieber death fiction, notes on this week’s “Glee” episode or anything else.

Just more than half of that number also have accounts on more than one site, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

Facebook, with 1 billion users, is still the most popular social network.

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