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Charles thanks God and his wife Judith (editor, inspiration, and drill sergeant); his daughter Zora for allowing him to find the time to write; his son Brandon for being understanding; and his parents, Mr. Kip Lornell and Charles Stephenson January 5, 2001 Preface "Go-go is Washington's unique personality; kind of the African American community's musical way of saying This is something that is intrinsically ours, we have created it!

Preface to 2009 Edition xiii Kip Lornell and Charles C. Photographer's Preface xv Thomas Sayers Ellis Introductions I Kip Lornell and Charles C. Finally, we have to acknowledge the ladies in our lives. This book could not have been written without the many indulgences of our families. The unfortunate truth is that in a project of this magnitude we will undoubtedly miss the contributions of some essential people without whom this book would not be possible. And if your favorite band doesn't receive the attention that you believe it deserves or you wonder why we did not interview anyone in your crew, we apologize again!

We can't forget Stride999 (aka II Brown) for his help in hooking us up with a few folks—especially with his connections in England.

The Roots and Emergence of Go-Go Kip Lornell with Charles C. We would also like to thank Sarah Pass (crack Associate Editor at Billboard Books), who guided this book through copyediting and the galleys with good humor and moxie. Kip lives peacefully and lovingly with Kim and their two little babes (aka the half monkey and the full monkey)—Cady and Katherine (aka Max C).

Transcribing interviews is tedious, but necessary, work and they all did a great job.

Barry for recognizing and respecting the power of go-go musicians; Kemry Hughes and Norm Nixon of the Mayor's Youth Leadership Institute for believing in D. Mack; Charlie and Leora Fenwick; James Funk; and Andre "Whiteboy" Johnson for believing in the project from the beginning.

It's also important to acknowledge the following, who have been, or are, players in go-go: Daniel "Breeze" Clayton of Deno's Night Club; Bobby Bennett (the Mighty Burner); Darryll Brooks, Carol Kirkendall, and Gerald Scott of CD Enterprises for believing in go-go and going the distance to prove it; Bill Washington of Dimension Unlimited for respecting the music; Reo Edwards for being patient with the go-go musicians for 25 vi Ac Knowledgments years and for being responsible for the music in many ways; former mayor Marion S. Commission on the Arts and Humanities for ensuring that go-go will always be recognized as an indigenous music genre; the Malcolm X Cultural Education Center for insisting that go-go always be a part of the annual tribute to Malcolm X, and Kay Shaw and Malik Edwards for their support of Charles; Carl "CJ." Jones; Maurice Shorter; Donnell Floyd; Ken Moore; Ms.

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