Pau gasol dating reality star

Let's break it down: The case the paparazzi: It puts Pau in a class of celebrities that includes people who get stalked for their partners instead of themselves.

It definitely hampers his ability sneak in and out of Justin Bieber concerts without getting noticed.

Now Paul can't afford to let the precious topiary sculptures in front of his house grow too big. They give his brother Marc an opportunity to see what the All-Star lifestyle is really like before he makes that jump.

The case tonsillitis: It puts him in a class of patients more commonly associated with Juicy Juice boxes. The less we have to hear Pau cover Cyndi Lauper, the better. It's slightly harder to get rid of them than strep throat.

When you are just an nba bench warmer who hardly play meaningful minutes and yet to engaged to someone as famous as Maria? my friend, is what I called "Aim for the moon, but somehow landed on the star" Ex Wife: Teresa Lourenco Who is she: She is a Trinidadian model born in 1981 in Trinidad.It hampers Pau's shot at making another CSI appearance. May we suggest enlisting the help of Jack Nicholson with a nine-iron?Pau can't read aloud during the next meeting of Phil Jackson's Book Club. We're sure he'd be willing to lend a muchacho a hand.Peja met her before he played in NBA in one of the Greek Team Comment: Another European NBA player with a beautiful wife.Looks like Peja do has skills other than shooting long range.

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