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If you are new to referencing read the introduction to referencing.

Note: Always try your best to find missing information, for instance, by searching online for the publishing organisation.

Include the page number(s) of the quote in your citation.

acknowledge your source otherwise you are guilty of plagiarism, ie passing off someone else's work as your own.

She previously was an architect at David Chipperfield Architects in London and at Rotor Deconstruction in Brussels, as well as a movie-production design assistant at studios throughout Europe.

Therefore, the in-text citation would only need to be included the first time the film is mentioned.Note on page numbers: There is no need to provide a page reference in the in-text citation unless you are including a direct quotation.(These examples are, in part, courtesy of the Hamilton College Nesbitt-Johnston Writing Center 2007).Tutorial: visit the study skills: plagiarism pages to learn how to paraphrase correctly.Examples Original text: Descartes introduces the possibility that the world is controlled by a malicious demon who has employed all his energies to deceive him (Lu, 1997, p.156).

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