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With dough from his slimy scales, Bowser hoards hair dryers from the Hafta-Havit Hotline. Sneaking into each Portal, Luigi is transported to a city in trouble.There, Luigi needs to nab each Koopa, grab its loot, and return the artifact to its proper landmark.Luigi shakes the shell to retrieve the key to Mario's cell, and then throws the carapace away.

Using a troll farm in Karachi, Pakistan or Moscow, Russia. Bulk posting the information via a spam bot on local tv reporters’ social media pages (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.) in the respective cities of every NFL & MLB team. After all, I’m quite certain there’s an “angelic internet goddess” that sifts through all those mean online messages. Hey, ever wonder why NOBODY is allowed to talk about it? Public safety information must be conveyed in two forms: Verbal — public address system (inside or outside). For additional information, please call 304-312-1395. Public safety information must be conveyed at all applicable events: sports, concerts, misc.And much to the dismay of the city of Pittsburgh, I hand them out like candy. There’s even a spiffy slogan for the dilemma — “.” If information of this nature were to “emanate” from your cell phone… The Pittsburgh Pirates are more likely to win the Super Bowl as the Steelers take the World Series. It would be specifically attenuated to create hysteria. And if you believe there’s some top secret, real-time contingency plan for either scenario, (spoken like Pittsburgh’s Super Genius Mark Madden). This could finally shed some light on Trump’s unwavering support from the evangelicals! I assure you, this brand of fake news/disinformation would easily become weaponized. In order to make technically informed behavioral decisions, OODA feedback loops require time. This conflict, a fundamentally generic “crack in the system,” cannot be mitigated or substantively reconciled. Attention: Pittsburgh sports fans The 3 Rivers 5K Challenge If you can convince Art Rooney II (Heinz Field), Bob Nutting (PNC Park) and/or Mario Lemieux (PPG Paints Arena) to disseminate the following public safety message… Established protocol dictates using the public address system in tandem with the video monitors. Despite what our government (DHS, FCC, NCS4, etc.) and private industry (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, etc.) opt to deliberately conceal, you are allowed to be cognizant of this tiny, little snippet of basic public safety info. well duh, some person or malicious entity is actively trying to force an unscheduled evacuation. Well, in order to indiscriminately murder innocent civilians. Also, you’d likely be receiving the information second-hand, from those you implicitly trust, i.e., family and friends. Now maybe you’re an ardent Trump supporter who believes the President can do no wrong. Regardless of validity, credibility or attempts to verify. Social media experts use the term “info-bomb,” but I prefer the term “viral blitzkrieg,” as it captures the essence of such an attack. And that’s where those genetically ingrained herding instincts kick in. Because it represents the biggest bang for your buck.

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