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The average aware driver that is not distracted can begin a reaction to a hazard in 1.5 seconds. So, total stopping distance, which is reaction time plus stopping distance is: Dry, 81 feet; wet, 87 feet; snow, 124 feet; ice, 193 feet.

This 1.5 seconds includes seeing the hazard, processing that it is a hazard, formulating a tactic to evade the hazard and then to initiate the tactic. The worst for traction and stopping distance, can be difficult to even see or detect that ice exists, is present in areas that often offer low visibility to begin with such as shaded spots, bridge decks, overpasses.

This means that at 25 mph a driver will travel 55 feet or more before beginning to brake. It is a thin layer of ice that has frozen once it hits the road surface.

Your insurance certificate will be delivered to you within five (5) working days once you have submitted all the required documents.

If you have any outstanding documents, you will be required to submit them at a JNGI Branch of your choice and thereafter, the certificate will be given to you.

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