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Today’s senior citizens are just as likely to be emailing, shopping, banking and tweeting online as they are to mail a letter, drive to the mall, make a bank deposit in person or phone a friend.

The best laptops and accessories for senior citizens range from easy to use computers that arrive with software installed to super-charged yet easy to use laptops with intuitive design.

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Even though the screen is among the smallest recommended, with a 13.3 inch display, it won’t feel small.

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The difference between the two models is in the weight and the battery life.

The bright 17.3 inch screen is also a plus for seniors, making it easy to watch movies, view photos, and read text online.

It’s a little hefty at 7.3 pounds, but overall, a great laptop value for the money, with many features to recommend it to senior citizens. HP Pavilion 17.3″ Laptop i3 8GB Windows 10 Like the previous recommendation, the HP Pavilion laptop offers plenty of computing power for the money.

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