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When I go in to change the data source and edit it from January to February, it lets me type it in but when I close, it does not pull in the February data. I know in excel 2007, I was able to do it this way and it would work.

At any time, you can click Refresh to update the data for the Pivot Tables in your workbook.

Excel Pivot Tables are one of the greatest tools in the spreadsheet user’s toolkit.

However, there is one tiny bit of functionality that appears to be missing: the ability of pivot tables to automatically update when information in the source data changes.

When trying to update files with Pivot tables that I have used before, I have noticed problems with updating/changing the source data for these pivot tables.

On the Analyze tab, in the Data group, click Change Data Source.By Michael Alexander When you load data from an external data source into Power Pivot, you essentially create a static snapshot of that data source at the time of creation.Power Pivot uses that static snapshot in its Internal Data Model.And you can set your workbook to refresh its Pivot Table data automatically when you open it.By default, Pivot Tables are not refreshed automatically, but you can specify that the Pivot Table is automatically refreshed when you open the workbook that contains the Pivot Table.

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