Platinum romance dating

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Sometimes, HR can work with management to consider whether or not it's in everyone's best interest to transfer one of them to another department or location or even change their job description so that there's less chance of their personal relationship interfering with their working relationship.advises employees to use their discretion and tell as few people as possible about their relationship to maintain a more-professional environment.

The main rule is always to have employees stay focused on their work while they're in the office, and then afterward, their personal life is their business. Discourage rumors of illicit office affairs by encouraging coworkers not to speak to each other alone behind closed doors.

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In most work environments, the majority of healthy relationships are not a source of much concern for HR though.

The program trademarks the Gold record and formalizes the industry practice of awarding artists with plaques memorializing their sales successes.

Sixty years and more than 17,000 certified musical titles later—from vinyl records to cassettes to CDs to downloads to streams—the iconic Gold & Platinum brand remains the preeminent form of recognition for success in the music marketplace.

Employees should know the consequences of their actions, and you should take the time to investigate the case as objectively as possible before penalizing anyone. Consider including in your policy the requirement of staff members to notify HR of their relationship.

This way, it becomes more manageable in a professional way.

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