Prince andrew currently dating

At last the renegade had repented, had ditched his usual glossy line in escorts⎯the models, beauty queens, and chorus girls⎯and brought home a nice girl that Mummy liked too.

Fleet Street gleefully pounced on the nickname, and for the last eight years conventional Andrew has tried to live up to it.Andrew’s romantic escapades, together with some much publicized midshipman japes (he has a penchant for practical jokes), earned him the reputation of Royal Lout-About-Town, a label that saddened his mother and annoyed his father.Secretly, however, Prince Philip admires Andrew’s macho action-man image⎯it reminds him of his own youth.To understand Prince Andrew it is essential to understand the nature of the upper-class Hooray Henry.Cheerfully philistine, aggressively unintellectual, fiercely traditional, it is a type that remains curiously untouched by the march of time⎯the male counterpart of the Sloane Ranger.

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