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Also, student refinancing is available to parents who have a Direct PLUS loan.Refinancing your loan can lower your monthly loan cost because of two factors.You can refinance your student loan through many private lenders, including your local bank or credit union.However, Earnest and So Fi are both good places to start the research.Dropping a cosigner, which is typically your parent or another close family member, releases any added tension in your relationship.Cosigning for a student loan is a massive undertaking and comes with high risks.If you are refinancing to lower your interest rate, then you will be saving money.However, if you are refinancing the loan to obtain a longer loan, then be aware that while your monthly payments decrease, the amount of money you pay for the entire loan increases.

With many student loans, you can delay payments while you are still in school or when you enter a graduate program.

Student refinancing is an excellent option for individuals with high-interest private loans.

If a graduate has a mix of federal and private loans, it's possible to only refinance the private ones.

When you apply for loan refinancing with a private lender, the private lender is essentially consolidating and refinancing your student loans.

Whereas when you consolidate your federal loans with a Direct Consolidation Loan, this only combines your federal loans together without reducing your interest payment.

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