Psychology of dating older men

For example, the average age of heterosexual men in the study was 37.And on average, they would consider having sex with a woman as young as 21.Antfolk agreed, noting that Finland has a high level of “gender equality,” which might have swayed the findings.As for bisexual and homosexual study participants, similar patterns showed up.And men and women did not differ much when it came to the oldest age they would consider.

But on the other hand, men were also attracted to women their own age.He directs the social psychology graduate program at Ball State University in Muncie, Ind.But it’s difficult to know what drives people’s actual sexual behavior, Lehmiller pointed out.Some were single, he said, and some were in long-term relationships.The majority were heterosexual, while just over 1,000 were bisexual or homosexual.

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