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The cover story of that issue, “Breaking the Si­lence,” featured an interview with John Anthony West on the re-dating of the Great Sphinx.

West and his colleague, Boston University geologist, Dr.

Tests in 1980 using an electron microscope found red ochre which was said to be blood.

An electron microprobe analyser proved that the image was painted. A victory for good old Raman Essentially a laser microscope that can zoom down to 1,000th of a millimetre.

Now, the mystery of King Tut's lineage has finally been solved.

In addition to revealing an image beneath a canvas – many painters would paint over earlier works to save money – scientists can link each signal to a paint pigment and reveal hidden paintings in full colour rather than black and white.

While the results are being kept under wraps, the level of detail is illustrated by a 4,000-year-old clump of black hair discovered in Greenland.

Analysis found that the hair belonged to a short man with brown eyes, non-white skin and "shovel-shaped" front teeth, who had an A blood type and probably originated in Siberia.

It helped in restoring Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon in 2004 by picking up organic matter in the paint, such as wax, varnish and glue.

Lasers shed light on the inner Sphinx The ancient Egyptian Sphinx has been laser scanned from nose to tail to create an accurate 3D computer rendering of the statue.

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