Rangoon yangon myanmar dating girls nightlife

Myanmar does not really have a coffee culture yet, even Rangoon.

But there are a few places that are dotted about that you can have a cup of Java and talk to a Burmese girl.

But expect to be a little surprised as normally the men and women sit on opposite sides of the room.Only a couple of years back there were no ATM machines and it was almost impossible to get a Visa into the country unless you were with a government party.Things have changed dramatically since Ang Suu Kyis’ struggle for human rights bought the attention of the world to Burma’s plight.You can buy flowers very cheaply from inside the bar and choose a girl to come and sit with you and have a drink.The Burmese girls that frequent beer stations don’t talk very good English but it is nice to have a pretty Myanmar chick giving you attention.

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