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Don't "Click YES to download spyware remover"In the messages you are receiving, do any refer to a web page, URL, or anything about the product other than "spyware remover"? Everything for the command is C:\programs or C:\windows.Are you getting any related notices in the Task bar next to the clock? If you are unsure as to rather you should remove anything, then don't. But there are four items that are different, example Start up item: RECGUARD, command %WINDIR%\SMINST\..... thank youmagickcat, Follow the instructions under: Automated Removal Instructions for XP Security Tool 2010, XP Defender Pro, Vista Security Tool 2010, and Vista Defender Pro using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware:1.

It has blocked my access to the "Add and Remove Programs" in the Control Panel. I'm runing Windows XP, Service Pack 2, with all updates. The folder claims to be empty, but from the used disk space that is clearly not the case. (You can see I'm not very knowledgeable here.) I have a recent backup on an external hard drive, but the same problem exists with the Documents folder there - it does not allow me access and says that it is empty.If you receive a suspicious "Windows Update" message, run an antivirus scan and keep a lookout for Make sure your software can remove it if it comes up.Run full scan now to pervent any unauthirised access to your files!Click YES to download spyware remover" All of this is even with the misspelling - Does anyone know how I can stop that from popping up?

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