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He grew up as a weakling with a heart of gold, so when a super-soldier serum transformed him into a man at the peak of human potential -- big muscles, astounding agility, unbelievable endurance -- he was finally able to put that strong moral compass of his to good use.He’s socked Hitler in the face, stopped the Red Skull’s most nefarious plans, and even stood up to Iron Man’s Superhero Registration Act during the Marvel Civil War.All of that contributes to why we love him so much, but it goes deeper than that.His tragic origin story saw his Uncle Ben die after getting shot by a mugger he had the power to stop, leaving him with his most important lesson: with great power comes great responsibility.One of the founding members of the X-Men, Jean Grey has the power to control objects with telekinesis and read people’s minds with telepathy (See Jean Grey on Amazon).

This is an indoor plant, so if you do put it outside during the summer, be sure to keep a weathered eye on it.

She was possessed by the cosmic force known as the Phoenix, went evil, and then ate a distant star, killing billions.

During a trial-by-combat for her crimes, she regained control of herself long enough to take her own life. Faced with an impossible decision, she chose to die as a human rather than live as a god.

With a healing factor and an unbreakable adamantium skeleton, he’s virtually immortal, and he uses his gifts to fight all manner of evil villains and personal demons from his past.

What sets him apart as a hero is his willingness to cross the line.

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